Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | January 1, 2009

Thank You!!

You are now signed up for the webinar Using the North Carolina State Government Publications Digital Collection to Assist your Patrons!

This webinar will focus on the North Carolina State Government Publications Digital Collection ( created by the State Library of North Carolina.  This course is designed for library staff and will instruct how to use the collections to assist patrons.  This session will cover how to search the collection, how to use the many different features of the interface, how to find publications in formats such as podcasts, PDFs, paper and in Spanish, as well as the many different services the State Library of North Carolina offers.

State Publications Collection

The State Publications Collection is a digital collection of current and historical North Carolina state publications. The types of publications include informational brochures and pamphlets, various types of reports (annual, biennial, technical, statistical, etc.), serial publications (newsletters, checklists, magazines, etc.), handbooks, studies and a variety of other information resources produced by the government. The focus of the collection is on state government publications from 2002 to current, but will also feature historical North Carolina publications of enduring value that have been scanned from their original print format. Because new publications will be added to this digital collection, the database will be updated monthly.


Question: What should I do now?

Prior to the class, you should ensure that your computer has the necessary equipment and software to participate in this course.  In order to hear the presentation you will need to ensure that your computer has a working audio system and speakers.  The presenter will be using a microphone to make the presentation; therefore, it is necessary for your computer to be able to emit sound.

You should also have Sun Microsystems Java Web Start installed on your computer.  To get technical requirements for using Elluminate click here :

Question: Do I need a microphone or web camera?

Web cameras will not be used for this presentation.  The use of the microphone is optional if you would like to be able to verbally ask questions.  Otherwise it is possible to communicate with the instructor and other participants using a chat feature in Elluminate (the company we use for the webinar).  For more information on Elluminate click here:

Question: How do I join the presentation?

You will receive an email on the day of the presentation with instructions on how to join.

Question: If I need to cancel or have questions who do I contact?

You can contact Jaime Huaman at 919-807-7452 or at to cancel or ask questions.

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