Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | January 9, 2009

Webinar Alert! Accessing North Carolina State Government Information to Assist your Patrons

This webinar will focus on the State Publications Collection from the digital repository created by the State Library of North Carolina.  This course is designed for librarians and library staff and will instruct them how to use the State Publications Collections to assist their patrons.  This session will cover how to search the collection, how to use the many different features of the interface, and will provide an over view of the different services the State Library of North Carolina offers to Librarians and libraries.

Why we should be your source for Government information:

  • Our information is more reliable because we use permanent URLs and preserve our digital files
  • We provide publications from many different government agencies for current and historical time periods
  • Some Spanish language content is available
  • Full Text is available and documents can be downloaded in PDF format and saved or printed

Dates of the Webinar-


To get more information on this webinar contact Jaime Huaman at or call 919-807-7452.

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