Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | November 25, 2009

Need a new library gig?

In the market for a new library job?  Well the State Library of North Carolina keeps a listing of local North Carolina library positions. Job postings for professional MLS librarians, paraprofessionals, and positions available at the State Library of North Carolina are listed chronologically by date the position is listed.  Once the position has been filled the job is removed from the list.

The following information can be found for each listing:

DATE LISTED: The date the announcement is put on the listing
TITLE: Position title
LIBRARY: Library name
CITY: Town in North Carolina
NOTE: Any additional information
SALARY: Any salary related information, including benefits.
QUALIFICATIONS: Education and experience
DUTIES: A brief description of the job responsibilities.
AVAILABLE: When position is available
APPLY BY: Application deadline.
TO APPLY: How to apply
FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: How to get additional information about the position.

If you have additional questions or would like to place a job vacancy then please call Marilyn Johns, State Library of North Carolina, at 919-807-7402.


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