Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | December 11, 2009

State Doc Pick of the Week: The Cherokee Artist Directory

Each week we will be picking a State Document from the Digital Repository to highlight.  The Digital Repository can be found here:

Sticking with the Government & Heritage Library’s theme of the month, we have selected the State Doc Pick of the Week to be “The Cherokee Artist Directory”.

This 65 page document provides a snapshot of Cherokee artists who were practicing their craft in the Western Mountains of North Carolina in 2001.  The directory is broken down into two sections.  The first section is dedicated to “Honoring the Elders” which lists the artists with the most experience practicing their craft.   The second section is entitled “the Next Generation” and is full of less experienced but highly innovative and enthusiastic young artists.

The directory contains a picture and a story for each of the artists.   An explanation of the artist’s heritage and development of his or her craft is included in the history.  Contact information for the artists is also included in this directory.

For more information see:,13238


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