Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | December 15, 2009

Government Documents at the Government & Heritage Library

The Government & Heritage Library collects North Carolina State publications as part of state mandate created by GS 125-11.  Duties include collecting, cataloging, classifying, and distributing NC agency publications to libraries who are part of the depository system.

The print collection of NC State publications spans more than 200 years and provides a window into the history of North Carolina State Government.  this collection is the permanent, official depository of State publications and contains more than 250,000 items.  Most items can be loaned through your local library’s ILL program or may be used at the Government & Heritage Library.

The Checklist of Official North Carolina State Publications is published on a monthly basis and is available by going here:,18408

With a greater shift towards digital documents the Government & Heritage Library has been collecting digital publications and adding them to their digital repository.  Types of og publications include informational brochures and pamphlets, various types of reports (annual, biennial, technical, statistical, etc.), serial publications (newsletters, checklists, magazines, etc.), handbooks, studies and a variety of other information resources produced by the government.  The focus of the collection is on State Government publications from 2002 to current, but will also feature historical North Carolina publications of enduring value that have been scanned from their original print format.  Because new publications will be added to this digital collection, the database will be updated monthly.  To see the State Document’s digital repository click here:

The Government & Heritage Library also is a member of the Federal Depository Library Program.  The historic federal documents collection is made up of more than 500,000 items in a variety of formats.  The primary areas of focus in our profile include:

  • Military history
  • US Census & demographics
  • Statistical data
  • Politics & law
  • People & cultures
  • Environment
  • Business & economy

Accessing Government Documents from the Government & Heritage Library

Public Access: There are several ways that the general public can access State and Federal documents available at the Government & Heritage Library.

  1. Digital Repository-  ( one can access North Carolina State documents that are available online on the Digital Repository.  Documents found in the digital repository can be downloaded and saved, printed, and shared on Facebook.
  2. At the Government & Heritage Library- Anyone can come to the State Library and ask to see State and Federal documents that we have in the library.
  3. From your local library-  Once you have found a document that you would like to see ask your library to do an interlibrary loan for the item.  We interlibrary loan our second copy to other libraries.  However, there are some older documents that we do not have copies of and, therefore, are not interlibrary loaned.

To search for items in the Government & Heritage Library search here:


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