Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | December 29, 2009

Are you a North Carolina Librarian?

If so, then the State Library of North Carolina is a valuable resource that you should know about!  See the list below of services offered to Librarians and Libraries.

Library Job List-

The library maintains a list of professional, paraprofessional and State Library jobs that are available in the State of North Carolina.  For more detailed information see the post “Need a New Library Gig” that was posted on November 25, 2009.  To see posted jobs, click here:

Certification of Public Librarians-

In North Carolina the standards for the certification of public librarians are set by the North Carolina Public Library Certification Commission. The Commission meets quarterly to consider applications from librarians who wish to gain their North Carolina certification as public librarians.

The Commission’s goals are to guarantee the best possible public library service for all North Carolinians, to protect and maintain public library resources, to assure professional management and administration of library programs, and to provide certified professionals to meet the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources’ personnel requirements for state and other aid administered by the Division of State Library.

For more information and to get an application click here:

Continuing Education, Training, and Online Learning-

The State Library’s continuing education workshops are designed to help library staff improve services and integrate technology into their library’s daily operations to provide the best possible service to their customers and their community. Workshops are offered in-person and online over three seasons: spring, summer, and fall. Registration is required; in-person sessions have a fee, online sessions do not.

For more information click here:


The State Library of North Carolina assists public libraries in applying for federal Universal Service Fund discounts for telecommunications services and equipment.

For more information click here:

Statistics for North Carolina Public Libraries

The State Library of North Carolina creates The Statistical Report of North Carolina Public Libraries which provides an overview of the staff, finances, collections, services, usage, and automation in North Carolina’s public library systems.

To see these annual reports click here:

LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act)-

The Library Services and Technology ACT (LSTA) authorizes State Program Grants to State Library Administrative agencies by which federal funds for libraries are disseminated to the states and territories through the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

For more information click here:
Marketing & Communications-

The State Library of North Carolina supports libraries on issues relating to marketing, advocacy, and communications. There is a marketing toolkit available that teaches the basics of marketing and public relations.  Information on state wide campaigns and a newsletter entitled The State Library Update are also offered.

North Carolina Center for the Book-

The North Carolina Center for the Book develops and coordinates a wide range of reading, viewing and discussion programs for adults hosted locally by public libraries and their community partners.  It is the state sponsor for Letters About Literature, a national essay contest for secondary school students.
For more information click here:
WebJunction North Carolina-

An online location for librarians in North Carolina to engage in staff development, networking, resource sharing, and communication.
For more information click here:

Youth Services Resources-

Links to resources and information on projects, programs and events related to serving children and teens.
For more information click here:

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