Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | January 5, 2010

Looking for Demographic or Statistical Data?

Are you in need of demographic or statistical data?  The Government and Heritage Library is your source for population, housing, business and government statistics about North Carolina, including data from the U.S. Census Bureau, North Carolina state agencies, and other state and federal sources. We’re here to help!

Statistical and demographic information is used by State and local government, College/university employees, Libraries, Teachers and educators, Researchers, Not-for-profit organizations, and Businesses.

Some common uses for demographic and statistical data:

  • for community and city planning
  • for the creation of laws
  • distribute federal and state aid, such as the WIC program
  • plan for highways, bridges, schools, libraries, and hospitals

Click here for a list of internet locations to find statistical and demographic information:

Need more assistance?  Contact Beth Hayden the Demographics and Reference Librarian a the State Library of North Carolina.



Need County specific information?  Click this link and select your county in the drop down menu under Contact your SDC affiliate for help

The contact information you see for your selected county are for people who are affiliated with the North Carolina State Data Center and can help you find information that you need.

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