Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | May 9, 2010

Digital Preservation Quick Tip: Don’t forget to let those preserving your materials know that they exist.

If someone else is preserving your materials it is important that you let them know what needs to be preserved by either providing the files directly to them or pointing them to a location where they can retrieve the files.  Otherwise, what you think is being preserved just might not be. If you are preserving your own materials, identify what you want to preserve and what can simply be deleted when you are finished with it; this is a good habit to get into regardless of who is preserving your materials and saves you from spending your resources preserving files you really didn’t need to preserve.

Part of the mandate of the State Library is to preserve all state agency publications, so these files should either be sent to the NC State Publications Clearinghouse or a URL where the publication is posted on the web should be sent to


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