Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | May 11, 2010

Digital Preservation Quick Tip: Don’t forget to backup your files.

Have you ever experienced a hard drive failure? It can be a miserable feeling to realize that you have lost access to everything you thought you had saved. Backups are a great safety net and can be used to restore all of your important files to your system once you get it working again. Preservation professionals strongly recommend retaining multiple copies of your files and keeping these backups in separate locations (for instance, with a third-party vendor like GoogleDocs, Flickr, Snapfish, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Mozy or Amazon or just on a jump or external drive stored at your office at work). This way if something happens in your home resulting in the loss of your computer, you still have a backup stored somewhere else. Ideally, try to set up the backup to run automatically every night (or week) so it will probably be fairly current.

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