Posted by: Reference and Outreach | August 18, 2010

Picture of the Week: Caricature of V.O. Parker, Cameron Park developer

This week’s Picture of the Week is a caricature of V.O. Parker, a Cameron Park developer.

To see this picture in our collection click here:,37572.

This image  appears in the essay, Three Raleigh Suburbs: Glenwood, Boylan Heights, Cameron Park by Charlotte V. Brown from Early Twentieth-Century Suburbs in North Carolina: Essays on History, Architecture and Planning edited by Catherine W. Bishir and Lawrence S. Earley and published by the Archaeology and Historic Preservation Section, Division of Archives and History, N.C. Dept. of Cultural Resources (1985). The caricature of Parker originally appeared in, Who’s Who in Raleigh by Adolph  O. Goodwin (1916).

This image comes from the new digital collection: Up & Out: Urban Development in North Carolina, This collection features digitized urban development reports on towns, counties, regions and lakes throughout North Carolina from the 1960s and early 1970s. You’ll find photographs, maps, historical information, statistics, and urban plans, which together present snapshots of different communities around the state.


  1. people are stupid

  2. This is a vary inspirational entry. Much like Mr. Parker, the father of Cameron Park, I have a head that is abnormally large in proportion to my body. Perhaps one day, I will leave this library behind and develop a booming metropolis like old V.O.

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