Posted by: Government & Heritage Library | August 20, 2010

State Doc Pick of the Week: Selling 25 Underutilized Aircraft

This week’s State Doc of the Week comes from the Program Evaluation Division.  The Program Evaluation Division is a part of the North Carolina General Assembly and it’s mission is to “evaluate whether public services are delivered in an effective and efficient manner and in accordance with the law.”

In this document, a study of “the number, use, and effectiveness of
state aircraft; consider[ation of] ways to achieve efficiency; and determin[ation] if it is desirable or feasible to sell or transfer aircraft” was conducted. Based on this study, it was recommended to the North Carolina General Assembly, that 25 aircraft and 5 facilities should be eliminated, which will save $1.5 Million a year, and the creation of a Aviation Management Authority in the Department of Transportation.

Recently the Program Evaluation Division has been in the news for it’s watchdog efforts in North Carolina.  To see a recent article in WRAL news on the Program Evaluation Division click here.

Reports created by the Program Evaluation Division can be found here.  To see the report highlighted in today’s State Doc Pick of the Week click here.  Documents in our collection can be viewed, downloaded, printed, and saved for free.

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