Posted by: Kurt Brenneman | August 30, 2010

Working with the NC State Publications Clearinghouse: Tip of the Month

The North Carolina State Publications Clearinghouse asked publishers at North Carolina state agencies: how do you keep a record of the publications that you send to the Clearinghouse? Here are some popular methods:

  • Record all submissions in a Publications notebook.
  • Store the electronic versions of the Publications Transmittal Forms in a specific folder on the computer.
  • Print all Publications Transmittal Forms and store in paper files.
  • List all publications sent to the Clearinghouse in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, adding a column that lists the date each was sent. 
  • Maintain a specific Microsoft Outlook folder to store all emails with their attached digital publications and Publications Transmittal Forms.

Many publishers store copies of publications along with the relevant Publications Transmittal Forms, but many do not.

There is no single best method, but, generally, agency publishers maintain a detailed record of their submissions:

I have a file cabinet with a folder for every print publication issued by my division. That folder contains paper copies of the print request forms and the Clearinghouse Transmittal Forms. For digital publications, I have a separate folder on my computer with each of the digital Transmittal Forms that I have submitted.

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