Posted by: Kurt Brenneman | September 13, 2010

Conversations about State Publications: Ann Farmer, North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics

The Baby Book - A Publication of the North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics

North Carolina state agencies are required by law to submit publications to the North Carolina State Publications Clearinghouse. Ann Farmer, Publications Coordinator for the North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics, finds a benefit to satisfying this legal requirement. “From a security perspective, publications being stored and digitally backed up in different locations decreases the chance of our losing publications that are a part of North Carolina’s history,” noted Ann. “We view the Clearinghouse as another avenue for the State Center to get its information out to researchers and citizens of North Carolina.”   

Ann has sent the Clearinghouse many data-packed publications on the health of North Carolinians. It is not always easy to find time. Ann prepares publications “when space opens up” in her busy schedule. It takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare a single publication to send to the Clearinghouse.     

“It is easiest to do this right after completing a publication,” notes Ann, but, when her workload is heavy, she submits groups of publications monthly or quarterly.

To have a record of publications sent to the Clearinghouse, she maintains a directory labeled “State Library/Publications Sent” on her computer. Within that directory are subfolders for different years. A folder storing the PDF for each publication and its Publication Transmittal Form is nested within its subfolder.     

Over time, however, those PDFs can crowd Ann’s hard drive. She is considering using e-mail instead. After e-mailing the digital versions of her publications to the Clearinghouse’s mailbox,, she plans to save the e-mails in her e-mail archives, organized by year. She will enter the complete publication name in the subject line of each e-mail, thereby resulting in a neat list of all sent publications, with the date-stamp on each e-mail.     

The Digital Information Management Program of the State Library of North Carolina plans to digitize older publications of the State Center for Health Statistics. “This is awesome,” says Ann. “It will be a windfall to have older publications in digital form and to be able to link those to our Web site.”


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