Posted by: Kurt Brenneman | September 27, 2010

Working with the NC State Publications Clearinghouse: Reprintings

North Carolina state agencies often ask about reprintings of their publications. Should they be submitted to the Clearinghouse just like new publications? A straight reprinting, without changes, should not be sent to the Clearinghouse. Even when minor changes are made, such as updated contact information or dates, typo corrections, etc., there is no need to send the publication.

For example, a brochure about the Supreme Court of North Carolina is published and sent to the Clearinghouse in June 2009. Upon depletion of inventory, the brochure is reprinted, without change, in November 2009. This reprinting is not sent to the Clearinghouse. In February 2010, telephone numbers listed on the brochure are changed and the brochure is reprinted. Because these changes are minor, this reprinting is not sent to the Clearinghouse. However, later in 2010, two new associate justices join the Supreme Court. Their biographical information is added to the brochure. The brochure is again reprinted, but, with the content changed substantially, this reprinting is sent to the Clearinghouse.

Straight reprintings often occur with popular brochures and pamphlets. The Clearinghouse suggests that an agency label such publications as reprintings, perhaps inserting the word “reprint” in brackets following the date of publication. The label “update” could be used instead when updating contact information or dates.

If the substance of the content is changed; new content, data, or statistics added; or the title completely changed, then the required ten copies should be sent to the Clearinghouse. The publication is now a “new” publication or new edition of a serial publication.

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