Posted by: Kurt Brenneman | October 4, 2010

Conversations about State Publications: Neal O’Briant, Public Information Officer, North Carolina Department of Labor

A publication of the North Carolina Department of Labor

North Carolina Labor Ledger

Neal O’Briant is the Public Information Officer for the North Carolina Department of Labor and a long-time contributor to the North Carolina State Publications Clearinghouse. The Department of Labor publishes Hazard Alerts, Fatality Investigation Fact Sheets, and its popular Industry Guide series to educate employers and workers on sound safety and health practices in many industries.

Neal is the single point of contact for submitting publications to the North Carolina State Publications Clearinghouse. “The Department of Labor’s Publications Bureau coordinates printing of all Department publications,” explains Neal. “The Bureau chief sends me ten copies of all publications. In addition, all items posted on our website come through me.”

Neal sends his publications to the Clearinghouse at the end of each month.  He would like one day to be able to submit digital publications to the Clearinghouse online.

He prints out his own copy of each Publications Transmittal Form and then uses the Forms to compile a semiannual publications list. His result: a complete, accurate record of all publications sent to the Clearinghouse.

Funded by a grant, the Publications Bureau also translates many of its publications into Spanish. Important information on worker safety gets to a wider audience. The North Carolina State Government Publications Collection contains many, such as Seguridad de Tráfico y Transporte para la Industria Agrícola. This publication can be downloaded, saved, and/or printed.


  1. This is a great post and really helpful for state agency staff! I hope you’ll continue to run posts like this that provide suggestions for efficiently organizing and submitting state publications! Good work!

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