Posted by: Lisa (Digital Information Management Program) | October 14, 2010

Using the Family Records Collection

Menu with Page & TextWe try our best to make our collections accessible and usable, but sometimes there are features that just aren’t easy to find. Hopefully, you’ve already taken a  look at the Family Records Collection (a joint project with the North Carolina State Archives). There you can find digital copies of Bible records and other genealogical materials. When you look at a Bible record, try clicking on “page & text” in the upper left.  You’ll then see the record in a new window, with a transcription done by one of our staff or volunteers.  (See the example below, from the Charles L. Hinton Family Bible Records.) This feature helps when trying to decipher handwriting that is sometimes cramped, faded, or very different from handwriting today.   If you see what you believe is an error in our transcription or if you’d like to volunteer to transcribe, we’d love to hear from you.


Excerpt from Hinton Bible

This is an excerpt from the Hinton Bible.



Bible Record Transcription

Here's the accompanying textual transcription.


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