About the Blog

About the Blog

The Government and Heritage Library Blog is an informative online news source focusing on the collections, resources, and expert services of the Government and Heritage Library. The blog’s goal is to connect users to the valuable resources in the library’s print and digital collections that provide information about North Carolina’s past and present and support genealogical research.

The Government and Heritage Library staff are responsible for posting news and information about our print and digital collections and electronic resources as well as our specialty research areas of state and federal government information, demographic and statistical information, North Carolina and Southern U.S. history, and genealogical research. Staff also posts information about new resource acquisitions, digitization and digital information projects, new digital collections and information products, and upcoming Library programs, events and training.

There will be 3 – 4 blog entries per week and new content posted daily. We invite you to subscribe and share your comments and questions.

Many of our postings concern materials featured in our digital collections which are best viewed in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. 

Please note that the information in this blog does not necessarily represent the ideas and opinions of the State Library of North Carolina, the Government & Heritage Library, or the Department of Cultural Resources.

Representatives of North Carolina State Government communicate via this web site.  Consequently any communication via this site (whether by a state employee or the general public) may be subject to monitoring and disclosure to third parties.

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