About the GHL

About the Government & Heritage Library

The Government & Heritage Library is one of two libraries that are part of the State Library of North Carolina. With its focus on North Carolina past and present, state government and genealogy resources, the newly named Government and Heritage Library comprises the services that have always been available to users of the State Library’s physical and electronic collections.

Mission and Purpose

The Government and Heritage Library’s mission is to preserve and facilitate public access to state government information; advance the study, understanding, and appreciation of North Carolina’s cultural heritage; and provide library resources and services that support the operational needs of state government agencies.  The purpose of the Government & Heritage Library is to facilitate public access to and use of North Carolina state government and heritage information.  The Library also assists state employee’s access to and use of information and resources that support the business needs of state government.  Additionally the library provides library support services and resource collections to support resource sharing and professional staff development in libraries serving local North Carolina communities.

The library is open to the public, however, only North Carolina State employees can check out books. Reference librarians with expertise in demographics and statistical data; historical, legal, and genealogical research; and general reference services are available.  Assistance is available at the library or by telephone, email, or fax.

Please note that the information in this blog does not necessarily represent the ideas and opinions of the State Library of North Carolina, the Government & Heritage Library, or the Department of Cultural Resources.

Representatives of North Carolina State Government communicate via this web site.  Consequently any communication via this site (whether by a state employee or the general public) may be subject to monitoring and disclosure to third parties.

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